Sunday, January 18, 2009

YAHUSE RAVE 22nd June 2007

donizulas greatest event while in skool...

22nd June 2007

Yahuse Rave…who sabi craze? Wild`n`crazy, no dulling. That was the caption of a crazy rave that was full of freestyle organize by DonizuLa.
The stickers where seen everywhere in campus; at joints, hostels, hoods and lecture rooms, since the sticker was in black and white, it caused controversy with its caption `Yahuse Rave` coming soon. Everybody wanted to know what was coming soon…some thought it was fraternity stuff until the posters came out weeks later. Nobody knew what to expect even with the posters out. Papi Flo`o rocking Alicia keys in the poster; people still didn’t get the whole message because the poster was catchy and simple but still unexplainable; Papi flo’o, a celeb in campus rocking Alicia keys a star celeb in the states. So I guess everybody wanted to find out what this Yahuse Rave was all about. Olu Maintain`s yahoose played very loud while moving around Campus for logistics and since the song was just released and haven’t gotten to the East, let alone Nsukka, it helped our parol because they thought it was the official song for the Rave, many on Campus thought my crew did the song. For awareness we moved in convoy of open roof jeep, a Honda bullet and a hummer bus like yahoo boys spiced with our Dj scratching on the wheel of steel while our dancers perform yahoose dance to the admiration of the crowds especially the females at their hostels.
A rave with two Djs playing at same time at the venue, Hotel Carolina; One was slamming inside the club, the other blast in the compound and the beats were heard far off in the hood. It was a carnival, Photographers and magazine crews were seen around. We made provision for two snooker boards to be brought into the hotel. We had a Love Garden for love birds and also a VIP section at an increased price. We had shrines, were rude boys and girls are seen going into and coming out with dimmer eyes. You could see many rude girls from `flats hostel` shaking their booty incessantly to different beats. It was a rave that had the highest number of attendance in an off campus event for the university.
Lots of girls ready to dance…security was Maximum….Vigilantes, school security and the Armies were present…hmm, what a rave…at the end of it I gave a broad smile like say my maga just pay because I, Donizula and my crew (Papi Flo’o and Chuke) made it possible…what was possible? Kick starting our dream of hosting mega events.

Hustlers mix tape_series 1

HustLers mix tape,17th Dec, 2008
Creativity = Music + Fashion + Games.
The venue was Tali Eniola street off oduduwa street, a place where I call home in Surulere. It’s an enclosed street that has become more of a party ground for the hood. The hustlers mix tape served as a birthday and hood party for we hustlers and the streets. It’s my birthday, so I hosted other hustlers in the hood while Èché male models gave us a taste of fashion and Papi Flo of Fan Base Papi entertained every hustler present with his band.
Planning an event like this wasn’t easy; we needed to create awareness, We needed working committee of planning, logistics, finance e.t.c Flying the banners around the hood flag off the hustlers mix tape…truly hustlers. No dulling...Donizula, Èché and Papi flo’o, the three wise men of the Hustlers mix tape series.
The Canopy came in first, then the Speakers, Mics and Amp. The street was lit up with Lightening from halogen bulbs. The Stage came next and it was set, then Speakers placed on them. Snooker boards, Card boards, tabletennis board were placed at strategic points. The school drummers in the hood entertained. We created a runway using bamboo sticks and dried leaves. We used two generator sets; One to power the sound system and the other for the street lights.
A Dj came with the mixer later and every thing was set. With the Dj scratching on the turn table, Èché male models began cat walking down the runway displaying native designs. Èché male models showed their class with wears from designers like keremade creative. Different performances were on stage to entertain with their music. We had different Djs coming to the stage to spin the wheels. It was an event to remember, some dance till 5am the next morning, the air smelled of choko and many drank to kolomental. Far down the street were the snooker board and the table tennis table for relaxation. We had the casino spot here too and you could see many crowded around different betting tables playing cards or throwing dices.
It was a true birthday celebration for me and xmas gift to the Hood.